With a philosophy of Changing Lives Through Sport, the Kent Sports Trust Foundation will be looking to ensure we connect in a positive manner with as many people across the county as possible.

Our core aim is to provide Kent communities with access to either affordable or zero-cost sport options in their local area, specifically where the need most arises.

This will see the Kent Sports Trust Foundation connecting with local projects and utilising partnerships already secured.

Working in schools and across the community, the Kent Sports Trust Foundation delivers high-quality sports provision to encourage sports participation, whilst ensuring positive health outcomes.

Through the use of our volunteers, we aim to work with as many local clubs, groups, organisations, schools, and projects as possible to increase participation across all sports within Kent.

Whether it be supporting a sports day in schools, delivering inspirational assemblies with our Ambassadors, laying on workshops, organising events, or creating new projects, the Kent Sports Trust Foundation is keen to work with you.

To find out how we can benefit you, to enquire about¬†eligibility for Kent Sports Trust Foundation support, or to express your wish to volunteer, please email us at [email protected].