Kent Sports Trust looks to inspire, encourage and support the people of Kent getting active through sport and physical activity.

An innovative approach and understanding of what the barriers are that prevent people from being active, young or old, we look to tackle inactivity, help end loneliness, improve both physical and mental health, whilst having fun.

Everyone has the right to have an active lifestyle, no matter what their background, economic position, where they live, ability, disability or gender and Kent Sports Trust aim to support all sections of Kent.

THE MISSION 2016-2021

We will work to:

  • Give everyone in Kent the opportunity to be active, taking away barriers that prevent them.
  • Inspire the people of Kent through our initiatives and innovative events.
  • Encourage a change in culture that sees all generations fulfil their potential.


Heading up our fantastic team at Kent Sports Trust is Chief Executive Officer Steve Wolfe, who brings a wealth of experience from working in sport across the county.

As the former Managing Editor of Kent Sports News, Steve has a passion for sporting success and is dedicated to bringing together charity and sport.

Having had a heart health scare back in January 2014, through his own inactive lifestyle, Steve decided to turn his life around through running.

Two years later and Steve decided to launch Kent Sports Trust to see if he could inspire others to be active, raise money to fund projects across Kent and is passionate about supporting others in achieving their goals.

Steve has committed to running every day for 1096 consecutive days (Steve is doing a minimum of 5km a day). He will be joined for Day 1000 by hundreds of others at Leeds Castle on Thursday 26th May 2019.

Steve is joined by Sarah Parrish, Operations Manager, who has spent over eight years working in the charity sector in Kent and joined Kent Sports Trust with a wealth of knowledge having worked closely with schools all across the county.

The “brains” behind the organisation, Sarah is the person at Kent Sports Trust that hides from the limelight, but makes things happen.

Passionate about the detail to make sure everyone has a positive experience with interacting with Kent Sports Trust, Sarah is committed to driving through positive changes in the county.


Every penny and pound we raise in Kent, we spend in Kent. It’s as simple as that. We’re passionate about helping people across the county be active and you know that the money you raise will directly go to supporting those less fortunate and in need across Kent.

From projects like Every Step Counts that helps get people active and ends loneliness to The Daily Mile helping to get primary aged children active in schools, Kent Sports Trust uses funding to help get Kent active.

Working with partner Flip Out Chatham, Kent Sports Trust have recently funded £40,000 worth of FREE places for 4,000 local school children to get active through trampolining.