Join Kent Sports Trust, in the “5k a Day for 365 Days” Challenge!

Join Kent Sports Trust, in the "5k a Day for 365 Days" Challenge!

Embark on a journey of fitness and determination by taking part in the “5k a Day for 365 Days” running challenge hosted by Kent Sports Trust.

This challenge invites participants to commit to a 5 kilometer run for a year encouraging individuals to prioritize their well being and push their physical limits. It caters to runners of all levels from beginners looking to establish an exercise routine to athletes seeking a fresh and rewarding experience.

By participating in the “5k a Day for 365 Days” challenge you can experience advantages, such as fitness levels, increased energy, uplifted mood and reduced stress. Moreover engaging in this challenge allows you to contribute to Kent Sports Trusts goal of promoting lifestyles and physical wellness within the community.

In addition to the benefits this challenge fosters. Connections, among participants.Whether you’re updating your friends on platforms or joining in races you can connect with a friendly group of people who are passionate, about running and staying healthy.

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