Get ready, for an adventure at Gung Ho Kent!

Get ready, for an adventure at Gung Ho Kent!

Are you searching for a thrilling experience that will push your boundaries and leave you feeling energized? Mark your calendar for Gung Ho Kent, an event hosted by Kent Sports Trust!

Gung Ho Kent offers a take on the traditional fun run – it features a lively inflatable obstacle course designed to deliver thrills and fun for participants of all ages. From towering inflatables to foam pits this course will challenge your agility and perseverance as you make your way towards the finish line.

Whether you’re an athlete looking for a test or simply someone who enjoys adventure Gung Ho Kent has something for everyone. With various obstacles to tackle, such as the Mammoth” and the slippery “Foam of Fury ” there’s plenty of excitement waiting on this course.

Yet Gung Ho Kent is more than a race – it’s a celebration of fitness, teamwork and community spirit. Participants will unite to encourage each other root for their competitors and revel, in the joy of overcoming obstacles
Get ready, for a fun filled day at Gung Ho Kent! Apart from the event there will be activities and entertainment options for both participants and onlookers. From music to food stalls there will be ample chances to unwind and soak in the vibrant atmosphere post race.

Gung Ho Kent takes pride in its collaboration with Kent Sports Trust to promote well being and fitness within the community. By taking part in this event you’ll not push your limits but also contribute to the valuable efforts of Kent Sports Trust in advocating for active lifestyles for everyone.

So lace up those sneakers rally your loved ones and gear up for a one of a kind adventure, at Gung Ho Kent! Don’t let this thrilling opportunity pass you by – register today and get set for a time!

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